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We carry out written translations of various types of texts, text editing, and certify the translated documents with the translator’s signature and office stamp; cooperate with notary offices. We provide interpretation at conferences, exhibitions, and other events.

We organise language courses and individual sessions of all levels for adults, companies (the teachers will come to you), students, pupils, and children of pre-school age. Our language school helps to prepare for not only the English language state exam but also IELTS, TOEFL exams, etc.

Our Strengths


We strive to provide professional, swift and pleasant service of every client.
The price of the translation and the deadline is coordinated in accordance with the client.


Our experienced team of translators and language teachers strives for the highest quality of work.

Translations are reviewed by a second translator, and language courses are taught by lecturers with substantial work experience.

Translators consult with specialists in the translated text area, and the lecturers always take into account the learner’s needs and the intensity of the lessons.


In order to speed up the translation process, we use programmes of translation memory and term management and accept queries remotely.

The translators are equipped to use the programmes of audiovisual translation.


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