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We organise language courses and individual sessions of all levels for adults, companies (the teachers will come to you), students, pupils, children of pre-school age. Our language school helps to prepare for not only the English language state exam but also IELTS, TOEFL exams.

English Courses

The opportunity to learn how to communicate fluently in a variety of life situations, to develop specialised knowledge (as required), to learn to read, understand and interpret texts of different kinds, etc.

The opportunity to work actively in pairs, to discuss and debate on specialised topics of interest to you, to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, etc.

A chance to review and consolidate grammar, improve reading and listening skills and clarify pronunciation.

The possibility to choose grammar, vocabulary, formal letter-writing, and other specialised courses tailored just for you.

English Placement Test

This is a virtual test that adjusts the difficulty of the questions according to the test taker’s answers. This makes it more motivating and more accurate in determining language level than traditional tests.  The speaking task has been developed by Language School specialists. Suitable for upper secondary school students and adults. The results indicate the CEFR level (A1 to C2).

Try to build and treat your vocabulary the way you treat your bank account. Pay attention to it and try to increase your incomes.

New language – a new world in you.

Language is the biggest treasure that educated people, who are the main treasure of their country, can find. Not only the native but also the foreign language separates the person from the crowd, provides new opportunities, and opens up the farthest horizons. We live in a rapidly changing world, and we are forced to constantly learn something new. It may be self-education: I read, I learned something myself, and applied it later on in my life, but it may also be a purposeful seeking of new knowledge. There is a saying: “You live until you learn”. Language learning and knowing are also one of the most important exclusive traits of the nowadays cosmopolitan. Everyday learning and improvement are a necessity and the driving force of life. But the truth is, a human must want it himself and believe in it. All education may be divided into three forms: formal, informal, and self-education. Formal education provides the maturity certificate or qualification. Non-formal are various courses of qualification development, self-education is individually selected learning or cognitive activity. What form is selected depends on the character traits, needs, and current opportunities. However, here is no place for excuses that there is not enough time, it is not interesting, very hard, etc. It is possible to find many reasons and excuses to hide one’s laziness. However, there are more reasons to start learning a new foreign language

He who does not know foreign languages does not know anything about his own.

Why is it worth learning languages?

We believe that languages not only help to understand others but also open up new career opportunities since language learning means a greater advantage in the labour market. Furthermore, scientific research proves that language learning not only improves brain activity but also social relations between separate cultural representatives, equally, the perception of oneself, one’s country, and one’s culture becomes stronger. By learning new languages, you will become a more interesting person, as the broader your ken is, the more interesting it is to be with you for other people. It not only allows you to be able to lend someone a hand in your own country, but the fear to get lost disappears and the confidence in oneself improves. Your cognitive skills become stronger, and it is easier to learn new things. Awareness about what is the easiest to learn and where the person needs to spend more time and effort to improve is frequently developed. The selected learning strategy helps to learn new things faster. Scientists have proved that while taking decisions in foreign languages, humans are not likely to rely on emotions and take decisions based on logic. It is possible to enjoy various works in the original language. It may be Hollywood films, Manga comic books, or Bollywood TV Series, as the original language is always more vivid and authentic than even the best translations. It is no secret that there are two prices in tourist destinations: one for the locals, and another for the foreigners. Language skills help to avoid overpayment and deception and allow you to negotiate for the products or services you like.

Citizens should be able to communicate in two more languages besides their native one.

Language – a bridge between nations

Back in 2002, heads of the EU states and governments agreed that citizens should be able to communicate in two more languages besides their native one (Barcelona Objective). In 2008, the European Commission, in the communique about language learning “Multilingualism – European Treasure and Common Concern” set the following priorities: to help the EU nations to prepare new education measures so that the graduates’ knowledge of the foreign language would be greater; to collect data to monitor language teaching and learning progress and encourage to learn more than one language in a good way; therefore, there would be more opportunities to find a job and citizens would be able to move inside the EU more freely; to encourage for innovations in the area of language teaching and learning. Statistics show that we still got a lot to seek for and a lot of room for improvement. Although Lithuanian citizens spend increasingly more of their time learning languages, we are still behind the European average.

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