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Translation and editing of general texts, administrative, medical and technical documents, implementation of audiovisual projects.

Consecutive, whispered, simultaneous interpreting by contact or remotely.

Certification of translations by an office stamp and translator’s signature, certification of translations in cooperation with notaries (certification of the transcript, translator’s signature, Apostille).

Nowadays, it is easy to find individuals or companies that offer translation services. The translator may legitimise activity in various ways i. e. work individually or in the translation office. It is hard to select which translator to choose and what is better, as this depends on various criteria, for example, price, deadline, etc. However, it is possible to highlight more frequent aspects of why you should choose Our services.  

Freelancers do not take any responsibility for the translated text. If errors were to happen, they may cost not only a huge sum but also time and nerves and it is harder to prove the responsibility of the individual. Because of this, the translations of the office are marked with an office seal. The seal of a translation office proves who performed the translation and who is responsible for the quality of the provided document translation. The translation services provided by a freelancer are often a bit cheaper. However, the list of services provided by a freelancer is often shorter, and restricted only to translation. We can offer a wide range of topics and types of services.

Frequently, not only the translation is necessary, but also the services of the native speaker editor, certification with a seal or notary certification and Apostille. Our translation office has agreements in advance not only with the editors but also with the notaries. This speeds up the translation process. The team of our translation office consists of professionals; therefore, in seeking the highest quality, teamwork allows us to gain better results. If translation problems occur, from the length to the term check, the offices consult with companies and professionals in other areas, who not only consult but also help to fulfill any project of large volume. If you sign a cooperation agreement with a translation office or have a project of large volume, not only do you get a discount, but a quality assurance guarantee as well. For projects of high volume or regular customers, discounts can be offered to help save money. 

The staff of the translation office consists of only the competent specialists in their area that can confirm this with documentary proof.

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