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Turn on the word count reading function in characters of MS Word: Review/Word Count/Characters (no spaces). Review/Word Count/Characters (no spaces).

Divide the number of characters (no spaces) present on the window by 1500 and you will know how many standard pages there are in your text. Multiply the number of pages by the set price per page.

In order to provide a translation service of quality, both the office and the client must cooperate. Only close link with the translators and clients eases the work and ensures compliance with the highest translation standards. We provide several tips, which will ensure successful cooperation between our office and you, so that the next time you need any similar service, you will know who to contact in a heartbeat. emember, by providing good conditions for both the translator that translates in written form and the interpreter, you invest in the image and quality of your business, work, or event.

It is impossible to ensure the best translation quality if the translation is performed in a rush. Written translation is a long and complex process that requires attention and diligence, and that cannot be performed mechanically in a good way. Computer translation programmes help to maintain the text format but do not assist when ensuring the quality of the translation content. Besides, not only a translator takes part in the translation process, but also an editor; therefore, the whole process requires time.

Due to the text specifics and variety, the translations may be performed only by those translators that specialise in a corresponding area. If the translation is ordered at the last minute, such translator may be busy with the implementation of another project and would not be able to accept your texts or documents for the translation, and, even if the translation is performed, its quality may be damaged, therefore, more time is required for the translation of specific texts.

Talk to us and let us know about the specific terminology used in your work. Inform the translator about this and it will be easier for him/her to perform the work, ensure the required quality, and reduce the time of the translation. Often, one or another term is translated into several different ones; therefore, all the information you provide will help to avoid dissatisfaction about things that are not influenced by the translator’s competence.

When ordering interpreting, evaluate in advance what kind of interpreting do you need: simultaneous, consecutive, or whispered; assess the duration of an event, which influences whether you need one or two interpreters and if the interpreter’s booth, microphone, etc., will be necessary. Interpreting is a work requiring a lot of energy and effort; hence we recommend giving some time not only for yourself to prepare an event of high quality, but also to provide the translator with all accessible and necessary material, i. e. a description of the event or meeting, meeting texts and slides.

The price of the translation service depends on a variety of things: what language combination is used, what is the nature of the text, whether the language of the text is fluent, what is the quality of the original document, if the translation is urgent, and what is the volume of the document. The price of the translation can vary from 10 EUR to 25 EUR per page (1500 characters (no spaces) or 250 words).

We provide translations from a wide variety of languages. We do not claim for our office to have a multilingual staff, but we effectively cooperate with other offices not only in Lithuania, therefore, we will definitely find a solution for the translation you ordered.

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