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UAB “Bella Verba” translation office is happy to offer its services. We provide translation services of various kinds of documents: fiction, technical, administrative, economic, political, medical, pharmaceutical, etc. As the business expands to foreign markets, business correspondence, instruction manuals of equipment and domestic appliances, scientific, journalistic, and commissioned articles, promotional texts, company incorporation documents, various types of contracts, etc. need to be translated more frequently.

Written translation is more than translating a text from one language to another. It also includes the maintenance of the style of the document, font, and final formatting of the translation, grammar, vocabulary, etc. Our staff of the translation office with the knowledge of the specifics of their work, will translate a wide variety of texts. The translator possesses advanced knowledge not only about the native language but also the foreign, recognises the culture and traditions of the source country, is well acquainted with the topic of the translated text and its terminology. Written translation is one of the most popular services that we provide since the date of its establishment. We translate from/into more than 80 languages of the world and in various combinations. We provide translation services not only in Lithuania but all over the world remotely, from Vilnius to New York. he office provides translations of various kinds (fiction, technical, administrative, economic, political, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.). We translate from/into English, Danish, Estonian, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Croatian, Latvian, Polish, Latin, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Russian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, German, Ukrainian, Hungarian, etc. languages. Each text, regardless of its complexity, is given a lot of attention and care. The texts are translated by professional translators and editors with many years of work experience and advanced knowledge of not only the foreign but also the native language. The translations are always done professionally and at a pre-arranged time.

Language editing or proofreading is the process by which a translator or editor checks and corrects mistakes in a translated text so that it can be properly worded and read in another language. This includes checking grammar, syntax, punctuation, word meanings, and cultural differences to ensure that the text is understandable and the translation is of high quality.

Translation and Proofreading of Texts

General texts

E-mails and letters, fiction, abstracts, invitations, acknowledgements, catalogues of goods and services, journalistic articles, popular literature, leaflets, short messages, notes, etc.


Movie subtitles, theatre surtitles, online content, instruction manuals of computer equipment, computer directories, localisation of software, transcription of video material, game guides.

Translations of administrative texts

Legal reports, complaints, civil and criminal cases, lawsuits, authorities, permissions to allow children to travel abroad, company incorporation documents, by-laws, laws, agreements, licenses, protocols of witness (transcription from the audio material), customs documents, regulatory acts, statements, registration of patents and brands, pretensions, registration documents, agreements of confidentiality, legislation, legal contracts, legal
agreements and their annexes, court orders and decisions.

Translations of medical documents

Pharmaceutics, descriptions of beauty and hygiene products, manuals of medical equipment, descriptions of cosmetics, cosmetology and other beauty products, instruction manuals, clinical trials, medical histories, medical records, descriptions of food supplements and vitamins, certificates of incapacity for work, dentistry, aesthetic orthodontics, medication instructions.

Translations of technical texts

Instruction manuals of equipment and domestic appliances, declaration of conformity, plans, diagrams, descriptions of devices, labels of food and non-food products, instructions of the mechanisms and constructions assembling and exploitation, scientific literature, safety data documents, construction and engineering texts, specifications, scientific reports and articles, construction materials lists, certificates.

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