English Placement Test

The Oxford Placement Test is a widely recognised and used tool for assessing English language proficiency. Developed by researchers at the University of Oxford, the test assesses language skills from beginners to advanced speakers. 

The Oxford Placement Test is based on a comprehensive analysis of English grammar, vocabulary, writing and reading comprehension. It enables individuals to assess their language abilities, identify areas of strength and weakness and develop a learning plan to improve their speaking, writing, reading and comprehension skills. It can also be useful for teachers to adapt their teaching methodology and curriculum to the needs of their students.

The Oxford Placement Test is structured to test language ability in a variety of situations and contexts. This may include questions on grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and critical thinking.  At the end of the test, participants receive a detailed report on their results, which includes their language strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for improvement in specific areas.

The Oxford Placement Test is a very useful tool both for people seeking to improve their English language skills and for institutions wishing to determine an individual’s level of proficiency. It is an objective and reliable way of assessing linguistic abilities, which helps you to expand your knowledge, communicate successfully in English and achieve your speaking goals.

In order to provide a comprehensive test of linguistic competence, we also carry out a speaking test. 

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